Our Challenge.

Wärtsilä Marine Solutions serves its marine industry clients by offering them effective, economical and environmentally friendly systems that are fully integratable. As a part of a larger product reform the Pixelhero team worked with their product development department and designed software prototypes for their new Propulsion Control System.

The human interface of Wärtsilä PCS, ProTouch, is a complete system of levers and touch screen interfaces, that responds to market demands for modern and compact control devices for the marine industry. You can read more about the final product at:



Award Winning Design

Once finished, the fully integratable Propulsion Control System went on to claim numerous international awards. The end-product which is now used on vessels around the World, won the prstigious Red Dot Design Award in the “Best of the Best” category. You can read more about the gala at: http://en.red-dot.org

To this day the Propulsion Control System is considered to be the benchmark in haptic vessel control systems.



Good design primarily serves people.


User-experience Design

The Pixelhero team co-operated with the client’s industrial designers in the design and development of the prototype user-interface, for UX-related research and demonstration. The challenges of the project were identified right from the start and through open communication mutual learning was made possible. Thanks to an agile and highly interactive design process Wärtsilä Marine Solutions was able to save in the outlay of the software framework. The user experience-orientedness of the design process model also provided Wärtsilä with valuable feedback from the end users that the company was able to utilise throughout the whole product development cycle.

Interface Prototypes

Early ideas were tested through a highly agile and iterative process. Selected product visualizations were turned to high-fidelity graphics and imported to the prototypes.

Kinetic Design

By utilizing 3D animation techniques and custom-made scripts, the project outcomes were presented as an interactive demo to the potential users. The client was able to receive feedback before producing the actual product.