The faces behind the projects

Meet our team

Lead UX Designer
Besides his entrepreneurial activity Leonidas has won multiple recognitions for his visual design work including an IF design award and a RED Dot design award, for clients such as Microsoft, Wärtsilä and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. When not leading Pixelhero's projects, Leonidas works as a Design Consultant for HARMAN international’s clientele. His 15 years experience in the field comes from healthcare, automotive, and enterprise level software design. He is a natural listener striving to provide world class design deliverables.

Art Director
Mary is our master level art director. She delivers pixel-perfect layouts and superb looking visual assets and represents our international footprint from Athens. Her 20 years of work experience as a visual artist make her an expert in product branding and applications’ visual identities in projects ranging from web-services to marketing campaigns, Internet of Things and next generation embedded devices. Mary has worked for numerous startups and enterprises such as L’acarie Paris and Matsushita Japan, and is well known for her illustration skills for print and digital advertising.

Behavioural Design Strategist
Ashwin has hosted numerous workshops for multi-million euro programs, and having graduated from the Kopenhagen Institute of Interaction Design he now has 15 years experience in the field. He has a background in psychology and he curates our Design Strategy Workshops. As an expert in design driven advisory he helps businesses to better understand the benefits of digital transformation. He is an awesome speaker and an enjoyable person to work with. Ashwin also runs his own startup Fabric.

Senior Interface Designer
Tanel is an Estonian interface designer who has worked for international and Finnish companies as well as startups for the past 7 years. As a multitalented designer he has experience from print, mobile, and web; Tanel can deliver prototypes using HTML/CSS or InVision. He has previously been an art director for the Tallinn Music Festival and a UI designer for Uraniom, a US based startup working on Virtual Reality applications.

Production Assistant
Oscar studied in the Baltic Film and Media School before joining Pixelhero. He has been trained on graphic design, 3D visualization, and tailor-made audiovisual productions that correspond to the profiled needs of our clients. Besides being multilingual in English, Greek and Finnish, Oscar codes for the open-source electronic prototyping platform Arduino and experiments with 3D-printing. He has a hands-on working attitude and is an excellent CAD modeler and a great nature photographer.

Digital Marketing
Having graduated with high honors from Aalto University School of Business’ esteemed Bachelor’s Program in International Business in Mikkeli, Dani is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in Management & International Business in Helsinki. He has experience from such companies as CGI, Lidl and the Posti Group Oyj, and has impressed the team with his high work ethics, flexibility, and team-working abilities. Dani participates in our marketing and sales activities, and helps to develop the business by providing a solid business perspective.
  • "Creating an actionable measurement system for Customer experience management for a billion+ company is not an easy task. Ashwin demonstrated great skills in turning customer behaviour analysis into business outcomes and enabled to craft a truly innovative Customer experience strategy".
    Pekka Litmanen, Vice President
  • "Mary demonstrated not just excellent artistic capacity but also an unusually high understanding of the technologies related to the final products".
    Elias Ekonomou, Team Leader
  • "Mary is one of the best web designers I have worked with. Smart and very capable she can adjust to all situations that occur during a project - an A class designer".
    Alex Ehrmann, Co-Founder & Consultant
  • "Leo is an exceptionally talented and super organized designer. He takes pleasure working independently on site, and is a joy to work with in house. Leo has the character, experience and confidence that it takes to turn a challenging project into a disciplined flow of creative excellence".
    Mikko Anttilainen, User Experience Specialist
  • "Ridicuslously professional designer - is the first phrase that comes in my mind when I think about Leonidas. At Microsoft he was responsible for the visual design of a next generation mobile phone application".
    Henri Molin, Global Engagement Manager
  • "Leonidas is truly a great professional UX designer who can see the whole picture, understand customer's needs and at the end come up with a really nice solution".
    Samuli Rajala, Project Manager
  • "Leonidas really knows his stuff. He is skilled, truly creative, has a good understanding of the requirements for the consumers and is as well as precise and quick in the execution".
    Alexander Budde, Head of Design Studio
  • "Worked together on a large number of promotional online activities. Always archieved excellent results and always were ready to help on improving even further the final outcome!".
    Alexis Kakouratos, e-Commerce Product Manager

Provided services


People are attracted to websites and apps which they find aesthetically pleasing and thus they are also more likely to give an attractive application the benefit of the doubt. Our designers have won several international awards showcasing their visual design excellence.


Stakeholders with business, design, and technology viewpoints can sometimes pull products in different design directions. Creating a focus around design goals is an effective way of coalescing a team around one design direction that will benefit the whole team.


When concepting new digital services the user is often forgotten under a stack of technical specifications. Let’s translate that to UX design. There may be certain interactions or site elements that we feel are attractive because we associate them with usability.


The validation of a great idea often starts from a prototype, which aims to gather user feedback in the early stage of a project. Building a demo of a website or app with UX design tools is a fast and highly agile process, saving time from the development phase of a software design process.


Motion design for mobile apps is often refered as Kinetic Design-  a set of techniques, animations, and patterns which are used to draft modern user interfaces. Furthermore  our team is capable of producing high-definition 2D&3D animations for showcasing digital services or products, having co-operated with Scandinavian broadcasting companies.


Similar to customer experience, service design is about the design and implementation of interactions that occur throughout the customer journey. The differences between UX, CX, IxD and SD are subtle and they’re all very much dependent on each other when designing experiences in general.